Finding my thoughts.


I needed a break, a rest, more than just sleep.  I needed to sooth my mind, no distractions, just me and my thoughts.  The last ten days had been filled with hours of organized chaos.  Four live shows, a rehearsal and two recording sessions.  One album cover shoot and a flight to Phoenix with a tour bus ride back with an amazing rock band that I now can call my good friends.  Some real bad truck stop food in-between the best of the best.  So when RBauer told me she was speaking at a conference in Memphis and wanted to know if I would like to come along for the ride, my response  was “sure”.  Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, I love my job, It’s just sometimes I just need to shut it off, no music, no schedule, no distractions.  A  day on the streets of Memphis, on my own, was just what I needed.  Street photography is my passion, it’s all I want to do, I can never get enough. For me its not about wandering, it’s about finding just one spot, on a corner and sit. I try not to talk with anyone, I try as hard as I can to just blend in.  The music that had filled my head now is replaced with the sound of shoes tapping the concrete.  The sounds of the trolly wheels rolling by replaced the roar of the bus, a bird or two sing their songs as they move from branch to branch can be heard everywhere.  As she walked toward me I could hear her soft voice, she was talking about her doctors appointment later that day, she had to remember to call her son.  I never spoke with her and she never looked up at me.  We met for just a second as she walked on by, watching her walk away is the image I will remember.  All you have to do is just sit still, sit down and listen, watch their faces pass by, imagine  their lives.  The corner will comes alive with images that you will never see otherwise.  You have to get rid of the distractions, stop taking, just listen.  Everything was there including my thoughts that I was sure I had lost, my thoughts  that only belong to me.