Nashville 6 AM

_DSC3780 6;01am


I never thought I would find myself sitting in the Hermitage Cafe at 5:30 in the morning drinking coffee and telling lies with the locals. Don’t get me wrong; I love the Hermitage. It’s the 5:30 a.m. and still dark that is a stretch for me. With this project running through my head for weeks, I could not think of a better place to watch the clock and wait for 6 a.m. The images that I wanted I had imagined for days, and I now had one hour to find each one and leave room for the unexpected. I wanted people. I wanted faces coming to the city to work.  I wanted feet; I wanted handbags, and I wanted the hustle of the city coming to life. The corner of Broadway and 1st avenue is where I found just that.  With the Music City Star working its way into Riverfront Station, busses lined the streets waiting to whisk each person off to their day. As the train came to a stop, the doors slid open and feet flooded to the pavement like a waterfall. Within minutes the train cars were empty, and the filled buses pulled out, one after another, each heading in a different direction. The sun was now up; the twenty-something degrees had my fingers frozen, and I still had fifteen minutes before 7 a.m.  So I wandered in search of maybe something more. I found a shadow and a landscape with one minute to spare. There is something so beautiful about watching a city come to life. Everything feels so new, so fresh. For me it all started with a lie or two over coffee with a few new friends.

_DSC3943 6;19am6:19

_DSC4012 6;29am6:31

_DSC4067 6;34am6:34

_DSC4120 6;40am6:40

_DSC4136 6;41am6:41

_DSC4216 6;42am6:42

_DSC4257 6;43am6:43

_DSC4394 6;58am6:58

The Nashville 6 AM assignment was part of a photo layout in the March issue of Nashville Arts Magazine and can be seen at